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About Us with Founder & C.E.O

Md Mahfuzur Rahaman (Founder & CEO)

Working Design of the Company: This Organization Established on 2014 Year. This organization will have a well- designed web site to provide customer service. Customers can avail of Event Related any services from this Company. Star Events deals with almost all types of event planning and management which is described in page

2. Agency’s Website: All customers will be able to enjoy this benefit by visiting https://stareventsctg.com Or the customer can also avail all services through direct phone call communication at the agency’s customer service number 01788- 380 380. Mobile phone, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, IMO and Facebook Messenger can get all kinds of service at home from anywhere in Chittagong

Hello! We Are an Event Planning & Management Agency Everyone who wants power and desire of the two. That’s why we arranged our program integrity, creativity and coordination skills. So let’s see, think, check. The choice is yours Implementations Our’s.

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